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Important Action Alert! Protest the Movie "The Rules of Engagement"!!!!

Iraq Update:
Iraq Rumbles on the Potomac - by Phyllis Bennis 4/4/00

Get Counted: How to Fill Out the Census for Arab Americans

Muslims in American - Museum exhibit
The Oud - Interview with oud maker Najib Shaheen
Museum of the City of New York Examines Local Arab-Americans
Donna Shalala - Secretary of Health and Human Services
Nash Yacoub - Boston fashion magazine publisher
Human Rights Watch
Blix Appointment May Set in Motion an End to Iraq Sanctions
Stalling on Western Sahara - Kofi Annan concedes Moroccan victory?
Congress - Begins election-year session with budget posturing, but some restraint on ME issues
Letter on Sanctions Against Iraq Gets 70 Congressional Signatures
Court Rules Against Steven Emerson in Defamation Suit
Secret Evidence: Members of Congress and Victims Demand an End, Bill Gains Support
A Syrian Perspective on the Syrian-Israeli Track - by Dr. Murhaf Jouejati
A Truly Fragile Identity
- by Edward Said
How America Swallows the Israelis' Lies
- by Robert Fisk

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April is Poetry Month!!!
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