About Us:

CafeArabica was founded in early 1996 and went online that October to provide the Arab-American community with a single source for information, articles, interviews, and a place for discussion.

Organized by members of various Arab-American community and grassroots organizations, CafeArabica is a place to catch up on the latest news and happenings within our community, look at jobs, and learn about other services available to Americans of Arab heritage. Articles cover a wide area - from arts, culture, and national and local organizations to politics and people. Our calendar section covers events in major cities in the US, while discussion rooms allow people to meet and talk about issues concerning Arab Americans. An online directory of businesses serving Arab Americans encourages our netizens to make their purchases from among this list.

In October of 1999, CafeArabica added its own shopping mall, starting with over 4000 books, 1000 CDs, and hundreds of other items including videos, greeting cards, gift items, musical instruments and food items. Most of these items are in stock and available for quick delivery. We also added an affiliate program so that others can offer this wide selection of products for sale from their own websites.

46 Crosby St.
Northampton, MA 01060
Tel. 413-582-0208

Shipping Rates:

Shipping Rates are calculated based on adding the Basic handling & shipping charge to the Per Item shipping charge.

Standard Shipping
The following applies to all standard shipping orders in the USA:
a) Basic handling & shipping charge on all orders = $2.99
b) Per Item shipping charge:
Books: Most books range from $1 - $1.50/book
Videos: $3/video
CD's: $1/CD

To calculate your total shipping charge, add (a) + (b).

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