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Talking/Writing Points:

* Section 245(i) is available only to people who already are eligible to become permanent residents.

* Section 245(i) permits those eligible to adjust status in the US.

* Section 245(i) does not change the order in which a persons application is adjudicated.

*People adjusting status under Section 245(i) are screened to make sure that they are not barred by any ground of inadmissibility from obtaining a green card (criminal offenses, health problems, the potential of becoming a public charge, fraud, misrepresentation, or any of the many other grounds of inadmissibility).

* Section 245(i) raises badly needed funds for the government (about $200 million in FY 97), at least 80% of which is used for detention.

*Section 245(i) is not a "green card" giveaway. It is not an amnesty program. It is not a loophole that lets criminals avoid a background check. It does not allow people to jump in line in front of others.


Please contact your representatives in Congress, both the House and the Senate, to ask them to support the permanent extension of Section 245(i).


Congressional switchboard:
(202) 224-3121 or 1-800-972-3524.

House Leader Newt Gingrich's number is
(202) 225-4501.

Majority Leader Dick Army's number is
(202) 225-7772.


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