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Dozens demonstrated in front of a busy Neiman Marcus store in Chicago on Dec. 14, 1996, and another demonstration is planned for Dec. 21, 1996, in Boston. These protests are a result of Neiman Marcus' endorsement of Israel's "Jerusalem 3,000" campaign through its sponsorship of a Christmas trip to Israel.


Chicago protesters distributed more than 600 fliers to holiday shoppers passing by and hand delivered an open letter to the store manager, as well as an information packet about Jerusalem and Palestinian rights in the Holy City. In the letter, they explained that "Jerusalem 3,000" is part of a highly-politicized campaign by the Israeli government designed to assert exclusive Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and negating legitimate Palestinian claims to the city.


It is crucial to maintain the pressure and let Neiman Marcus know that endorsing such political campaigns is unacceptable and insulting to the thousands of Arab American and Muslim shoppers who patronize their stores.



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