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RE: Alex Odeh Murder Investigation


Dear Mr. Freeh:


I am writing as a concerned citizen and member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). I am taking this opportunity to express my outrage at the lack of progress on the Alex Odeh assassination case over a decade after his murder. Sadly, I can only conclude that this is a reflection of the lack of priority that the government has placed in the Arab-American community. The FBI continues to visit and call upon the Arab-American community to assist them in national and international investigations, and regretfully, the FBI does not deem it proper to return the courtesy.

Alex Odeh was assassinated when a bomb exploded in his face as he opened his office door to the ADC office in California as the organization's West Coast Regional Director. Prior to that incident, an August 1985 bomb was placed in ADC's Roxbury, Massachusetts, office which severely injured an officer attempting to disengage the bomb, and the ADC national office suffered a fire in October 1985. More recently, protestors and hecklers screamed obscenities insulting Odeh's memory and family objecting to the one million dollar reward for information leading to the capture of Odeh's assassins. The FBI has remained silent on our behalf providing only empty assurances that the investigation was a high priority. It obviously is not today nor has it ever been a "high priority" for the FBI.

The desecration of the Alex Odeh Memorial Statue in Santa Ana, California as the Los Angeles Times reports has now occurred twice and the Times quotes FBI special agent Gary Morley as stating "the information is being included in the investigation of the Odeh bombing." This means to the Arab-American community that it is being filed in a drawer of least priority at the Bureau. The community will not tolerate such inefficient treatment of the Odeh case any longer.

ADC has forwarded a letter requesting a meeting with you regarding this case, and included a copy of JDL's hateful webpage regarding Mr. Odeh and ADC activists. We are demanding your attention to this case, and will no longer accept minuscule attention.

I have forwarded copies of this letter to my congressional representatives to emphasize the gravity of this situation.






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