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Acknowledgements viii

The open veins of Jerusalem ix

Khalil Al-Khoury
The Stranger xiii

Israel Shahak
Jerusalem and the Jews 1

Fouad Moughrabi
A Jerusalem memoir 21

Issa Boullata
Jerusalem: The archaelogy of memory 35

Rashid Khalidi
For a shared Jerusalem 47

Roger Garaudy
History of a conquest 55

Naseer H. Aruri
Mesrepresenting Jerusalem 149

Patrick Laude
La Jerusalem axiale de Louis Massignon 229

Jan De Jong
To save what can be saaved 245

Anne Latendresse
Israeli approaches to Jerusalem 257

Ingrid Jaradat: Ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem 256
Pictures: Israeli heroism, Mr. Clinton's pride 279
V.P. Al Gore: "We will fulfill the dream of Herzel and " 293
R. Gustafson & C. Mallouhi: Little bantustan of Bethlehem 305
Christopher Walker: Israeli Act will outlaw New Testament 315
Smyrna: Targets: Orthodox Christians and Islam 319
Simone Bitton: Of the difficulty in filming ruins 323

Justine Saidman
"Victims of a Map" 331

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra
Letters to Roger Allen, 1980-1994 361

Naomi Shihab Nye: Peace and other poems 397

Mahmoud Darwish: The Narcissus' tragedy, the silver's comedy 403

Adonis: The time 427
Mihyar of Damascus 437

Daniel Moore: The day the earth stood still 453

Fuad Rifqa: "The jar of the Samaritan" 473

Saadi Youssef: Selected poems 478

Hamid Sa`eed: Vision of Al-`Amiriya shelter 495

Sharif Elmusa: The merchant's dream 500

Waleed Khleif: Fragments 508

Saggar, Safadi and Jum`a: Three poems 513

Penny Johnson: The washing machine 516

Muna Asali van Engen: The land that bears us 533

Amira El-Zein: Je ne me souviens plus 543


Munir Akash
The Talmud according to Uncle Sam 9

Ibrahim Ali Alwazir
Zionism against Judaism 77
They came for our land, for what grew
Or could be grown on it, for the resources in it,
and for our clean air and pure water.
They stole these things from us, and in the taking
they also stole our free ways
and the best of our leaders, killed
in battle or assassinated. And now, after all that,
they've come for the very last of our possessions;
now they want our pride, our history,
our spirtual traditions.
They want to rewrite and remake these things,
To claim them for themselves.
The lies and thefts just never end.
- Margo Thuderbird
American Indian writer






Khalil Al-Khoury
The Stranger

Translated by Noel Abdulahad
Page xiii

O Jesus Christ
when you roam
through the streets of Hebron
or down Bethlehem's lanes
in this night's cold,
and wander from Beit Ania
And Bir Zait
envelope yourself
with your woolen cloak,
for the night is snowing,
the wind is screaming.

Let not the random sight
of the corpses of slaughtered children
frighten you.

Let not the presence of barricades
or the ruins of demolished houses
in the dreary chill of this night
stir your surprise.

Be not shocked
if a nocturnal phantom appears
pointing its gun,
and ordering you: "Hands up!"

Let not blemished faces
and hateful places
horrify you,
for Rachel is busy
seducing a soldier
and Ruth is mocking her
for her failure to make him
a victim.

Wrap yourself tight in your woolen mantle,
envelope your weary face with sadness,
fold your thoughts with cheerlessness,

kneel and pray

for all who are present here
suffer not only from lonliness
but also from exile.

Addresses were changed
language too
all things turned upside-down.

Kneel and pray
for every day
they are crucifyig you.

Martha and Mary were displaced,
trampling aimlessly in the prairies.
Lazarus made to suffer again
the exhaltation of a spiteful death.

And wretched Time
is coloring this age.