The NAAA Foundation (NAAAF) annually sponsors the Baghaffar Internship Program for college and graduate students interested in foreign policy issues, with emphasis on the Middle East, to provide young Americans with an intimate exposure to the workings of our government in Washington, D.C.


Through the Baghaffar Internship Program, NAAAF places interns in positions on Capitol Hill as well as with civil and human rights organizations, international institutions and at NAAA, Inc. (National Association of Arab Americans).


At NAAA, interns attend congressional hearings, monitor the Congressional Record, assist with correspondence and grass-roots lobbying activities. Other assignments include compiling profiles on Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress, assisting in the preparation of publications and detailed reports of hearings, and responding to information requests.


The NAAAF internship program provides an eight-week experience for young people from across the country to experience first-hand the inner workings of our government and the Arab-American lobby. In addition to working an eight-hour day at their internship assignments, interns meet at the NAAA office to report on their experiences and exchange ideas. Educational seminars and other activities are arranged for the interns during the eight-week period. Each intern is expected to prepare a written summary of his/her experience at the conclusion of the program.


NAAAF's Baghaffar Internship Program produces empowered private citizens - young men and women who repay the investment in them with decades of effective political and social involvement, including, for some, careers in public service.


Each year, NAAAF receives numerous applications for the internship program. Careful consideration is given to each application in order to make the best possible placement. Particular emphasis is placed on the following criteria:


NAAA membership;

  • · active participation in the Arab-American community;
  • · grade point average;
  • · university attended;
  • · writing and communication skills; and
  • · references and recommendations.


A stipend is provided to each participant in the internship program.


The NAAA Foundation is a non-profit educational and charitable foundation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the NAAA Foundation are tax exempt to the extent provided by law.


The Baghaffar Internship Program, established in 1993, was founded in the memory of Hatim Hamid Baghaffar. Baghaffar became interested and involved in politics while in college and was active on campus and in the local community. Baghaffar was an active member of NAAA and the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle until his untimely death.