Summer in Syria


In the Summer of 1997, the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations and the University of Aleppo will sponsor the 6th Annual Summer in Syria Program, a six-week study visit beginning in June. The program consists of
four weeks of courses at the University of Aleppo, one week of archaeological site visits, and one week exploring Syria's numerous historical and cultural attractions.

The interdisciplinary coursework will also include study of the history, culture, and anthropology of Syria and the Arab world. An American scholar-escort will accompany students and provide additional context to the study visit. Students can receive up to seven hours of credit from the University of Aleppo upon successful completion of the courses.

Founded in 1958, the University of Aleppo is the second oldest university in Syria. Its major fields of study are the sciences and engineering; several faculty members focus on agriculture, as the area around Aleppo is mosdy farmland. The University has a ftill medical program, complete with a teaching hospital. Degrees can also be earned in Arabic, French, and English, with plans to add Russian and German. The University's Institute for the History of Arabic Science researches and documents the Arab role in the development and implementation of scientific and technical advancements through the centuries.

Aleppo, situated in Syria's northern plains is the country's second-largest city. Founded in the eighth century BC, Aleppo flourished as a trade center, especially after the Nabataean cities further south fell to Rome in the second century AD. In the Middle Ages, Aleppo grew wealthy again as a city on both the Mediterranean-Gulf and the Silk trade routes.

Program Eligibilfty Requirements

  • U.S. citizenship.
  • College or graduate student currently enrolled and in good standing.
  • Mumnus of National Council Programs will be given first consideration.


The prograrn fee is only $2,900 for MAL participants, $3,000 for others. This fee will cover roundtrip international air travel, the University's tuition fees, in-country transportation, accommodations, and two meals per day for the duration of the program. Also induded is a 1-night stay in D.C. prior to departure for Syria.

For More Information, Contact:

Summer in Syria Coordinator
National Council on U.S,-Arab Relations
1140 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 1210
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: 202/293-0801. Fax: 202/29~0903

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