Politics NOT As Usual

This will have to be "reviewed," said the manager of the advertising office at The Providence Journal last August.
I had just submitted a small display ad for publication in Rhode Island's main newspaper describing demolition by the Israelis of Palestinian homes in Bir Naballa.
After seven calls and eleven days of getting the run-around, a message came down that the paper's lawyer had reviewed the ad and found it to be "unacceptable as a matter of policy."

  Washington Watch

Bigotry against Arab American candidate

By Dr. James J. Zogby ©

President Arab American Institute

Although Arab Americans have made real political progress in the United States in the past two decades, the community remains disturbingly vulnerable to attacks of bigotry.
This fact was brought home by the war waged against the congressional campaign of Sarkis Joseph Khoury, who was an ideal candidate and ran an extraordinary campaign in the Republican primary in California's 43rd congressional district. This area is quite conservative in both politics and religion. It is inland from Los Angeles, with the city of Riverside as its population center.

Celebrate 50 Years? Of What?

by Sam Husseini

It was the most loving fax I've ever received. I had just come back to the office from asking Benjamin Netanyahu a few questions at a press conference during his last visit in January. I was astonished to learn that my dad, now in Amman, Jordan saw it on CNN International. "You were fantastic," he wrote me.

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